By wishing Mademoiselle Martin as a benchmark of slow fashion, the designer expresses the strong attachment she has for the nature that surrounds her.

For this SS21 collection, she draws inspiration from the rich and abundant underwater life of the Ocean, every piece is like an ode to the magical lifeforms that animate the depths.

Her objective? To make us aware of the fact that as with these living organisms which sometimes take years to develop, fashion must not be ephemeral!

The result? Sumptuous materials, such as silk organza and delicate ostrich feathers, are layered to take on the shapes of the organic architectural creases of seashells, the flowy movements of anemones and their feather-like softness that sways in the currents.

By wearing each of her creations, you will feel, for a fraction of eternity, like a beautiful mermaid in the kingdom of Poseidon!