In 2018, designer Irina Samobrod and Franck Bertelli set out to construct a timeless garment that gave women the choice to customize staples in their wardrobe.
While keeping an evergreen mindset, Irina imagined garments that offered a foundation for a wardrobe that can be given a new life with a simple snap on and off. Creating handcrafted, modular accessories, or FrouFrous, to be paired with durable, fundamental tops, the concept of Mademoiselle Martin was brought to fruition.
With numerous combinations and outfit possibilities, the FrouFrou is far more than a simple fashion accessory. Beyond the practical aspect in its daily use, Mademoiselle Martin places personalization at the heart of its process.
The Mademoiselle Martin woman is free, dynamic, and strong with a sweet, sulphurous mix of independence and vulnerability!
about mademoiselle martin


“I believe that Art is an idea that deliberately approaches the senses, emotions, intuitions but also the intellect. The way I choose the themes of my works is directly related to changes in my life; whether they are difficult or joyful moments, places I could attend or where I lived/live, new encounters, beautiful discoveries or just outstanding and memorable moments.”
Irina Samobrod is a Ukrainian-French artist who graduated from the Academy of Arts "USHINSKOGO" of Odessa in 2001. In 2004, she moved to France to study at the Academy of Modern Arts “ERSEP” in Tourcoing.
From 2004 to 2017, she actively presented her art works all around the world, from France to Russia via Belgium, Spain, England to North America with several exhibitions in NYC.
In 2018, Irina returned to her first passion, fashion, by imagining the Mademoiselle Martin concept, which allows the wearer to use different removable ornamental accessories with various garments of the collection.
She currently lives and works in the heart of Barcelona.

about mademoiselle martin


Franck Bertelli is an engineer with a specialization in Materials and Technological Innovations. With 20 years of experience in the development of new products, quality and innovation in various industries and sectors of activity, Franck has audited and helped hundreds of companies all around Europe and Asia.
Teaming up with Irina, they created Mademoiselle Martin’s brand and concept. Franck manages all the topics within the business that are not linked to the creative steps.
He currently lives and works in the heart of Barcelona alongside Irina.

 about mademoiselle martin